March Luncheon

The Club would like to thank Tony Ash of Career Source Broward for speaking at our
March Luncheon.


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October 29-30, 2018 ~ 29th Fort Lauderdale Marine Seminar - Register Now!

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April 2018 Newsletter

18th Century Ship Hull washes up on Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida. The fascinating remains of a historic 18th century ship washed ashore on a Florida beach on March
27, 2018.

The wooden hull of the 48’ shipwreck was discovered by Julie Turner and her son Patrick, eight, on Ponte Vedra Beach. Little did the pair realize that the wreck was centuries old and has been hailed as the 'holy grail' of shipwrecks. The hull included wooden pegs and copper-covered tacks on the ship, meaning the whole ship was once sheathed in copper.

Researchers and maritime experts flocked to the wreckage site to glean as much backstory as they
could from the ribs of the wooden hull. Experts speculate that the wreck may have laid under sand
offshore for years, then washed onto the beach due to storm activity, explaining how the ship
remained so well preserved.

Local man Marc Anthony, who owns Spanish Main Antiques and proclaims to be a treasure hunter, said the ship appears to be from the 18th century. 'To actually see this survive and come ashore. This is very, very rare. This is the holy grail of shipwrecks,' he said to CBS47.

The wooden hull revealed copper-covered tack heads, evidence that the whole ship was originally
sheathed in copper. Wooden pegs and nails were visible on the aged wooden beams as well. Roman numerals carved onto the ribs of the ship were also somehow preserved on the centuries-old ship.

Turner, who discovered the wreck, said she immediately knew she and her son had found a relic from the past. 'We walked and checked it out and immediately knew it was a historical piece of
artifact,' she said. 'When I looked out the window, it was immediately a ship,' her son Patrick
said. Maritime experts on the site said they had long waited for a wreck like this to wash ashore.

Hello from your 2018 Bos’n, Tom Nolan

I hope everyone is enjoying our luncheons this year. We’ve had record attendance and it’s a great way to visit with your FLMC friends and meet new connections. If you haven’t been to a luncheon this year, come on down for the next one.

Here’s a couple of “save the dates” for upcoming Bos’n events:

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018.
We’re working on getting the historic “Maxwell Room” at “The Downtowner” for the May luncheon. It’s
a great spot in the heart of Fort Lauderdale right on the New River. The “Maxwell Room” is not to
be missed. Come on down.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
Save the date for our annual evening Dinner Cruise. This year we will be dining and cruising aboard
the luxurious 137 ft. Motor Yacht “Sun Dream”. Further details will be published as we get closer
to the date. Party on a yacht FLMC style. Mark your calendar!

Hope to see you soon, Tom Nolan
2018 Bos’n, Fort Lauderdale Mariner’s Club

 2018 Officers & Chair 

Skipper: Arlene Weicher
First Mate: Jonathan Dunleavy
Purser: Hector Ramirez
Yeoman: Craig Liszt
Program chair: Raul Chacon
Bos’n: Tom Nolan
Seminar Chair: Christopher Karentz
Activities chair: Kelli Popovic
Historian: Jonathan Hernandez


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The Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club is dedicated to the promotion of ethical business practices among the sea-going community as well as the circulation of accurate and useful information to the boating community. 

Our membership includes both professional and leisure boating enthusiasts, as well as industry experts and professionals in many disciplines from around the world.


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  Arlene Weicher

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1. Your membership profile

• Log into your membership profile through the club website:
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Arlene Weicher
FLMC First Mate

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